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My coach makes me a better runner and pushes me to be the best runner I can be.
She is an amazing runner and example of what a runner should do to be successful. I love her. I am a United States Marine and believe in her!!

Andrew E - North Carolina

She has challenged me in so many ways. Pushing me to be a better runner than I ever thought I could be. She is constantly changing my workouts and keeping me on my toes! She has been there for me in ups and the downs of this training cycle and helped me get thru some rough times! Deciding to have her as my Coach was a decision that I am so happy I made!! I am happy to call her more than just a Coach. To me, she have become a friend! Definitely will continue using you in all my future races!

Andrea H - Indiana

I enjoy how interactive and accessible she is! It helps when I have to move workouts around and talk about how my training has been going. Using TrainingPeaks is convenient and easy to follow along with. I think my training for the past few weeks has been really specific for myself and I am excited to see how I progress over the next months.

Caroline L - New York

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I am enjoying my running coach experience with Tracie. She provides specific recommendations that are helping me run faster and further. We communicate via phone, text, email and the Training Peaks app. Tracie provides encouragement and humor to help with internal motivation. Helpful, cheerful and challenging with an easy-going personality. Thank you, Tracie!

Kevin E - Pennsylvania

This coaching experience is exactly what I was looking for! Coach Tracie is instantly relatable and you can feel her support and motivation with all of her communication. She has helped me to love running even more than i did before. Best decision!!!!

Jacki S - Ohio

Love it! I am new to being coached. But she is super available. Even during this time of lockdowns, curfews and a pandemic, she is willing to do whatever whether your race was cancelled or if you are still running the distance at home.

Courtney G - Florida

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Coaching experience has been fantastic. I am in my second month and have progressed further than I ever imagined. The scheduled runs are challenging and all different. I love the variety. I’ve got my enjoyment for running back. She is the perfect coach!!

Mark P - Indiana

So far, so good! I thought I could improve by reading different training methods and blending them together to achieve better results. After 2+ years of frankenstein training, I sent Tracie an email. Nothing compares to the custom training plans and personal feedback you receive from a live person. Tracie took the time to know my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. She always takes the time to discuss my runs, and picks me up when I'm down on myself. I trust her with my running goals completely. My only regret is that I didn't link up Tracie sooner!

Bill D - Pennsylvania

I only began a week ago and I am already LOVING it. I look forward to every run. I love the accountability and the structure. And cant wait to see how my running improves in the future.

Natalie K - Ontario CA

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I’m extremely happy with the training plans you have made for me thus far. You are super helpful, encouraging, quick to respond when I need you and most of all relatable:) I’m so glad to have found you!!

Lisa P - New Jersey

Enjoyed every run and encouragement I got from my coach.I have been a runner for so long but I have learned so much on quality running and I enjoy my running more now than before.

Eudie K - Indiana

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